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The Digital Ink Jet Printing technologie is a reactive sector in full expension.The evolution of informations technology jointly with the evolution of the printhead improved capacities have allowed the transition from a binary printing low resolution technologie to a photographic quality one.
This evolution has brought ink jet printing into the large size printing market as an answer to the needs of research departments for plans editing or posters's printing.
The very large size printing find application in graphic arts and advertising : Billboard panels, streamers, truck covers, flags...

In order to use the inkjet printing system, the following elements are required :
  • A printhead system with its ink supply system.
  • A R.I.P ( Raster Image Processor) is a software which converts digital files of the image received from the computer into a file which can be directly read by the printer.
  • (head positionning and amount of ink ejected by the printhead according to the criterium of selected tramage).
  • A case containing the position and displacement heads system, traction of paper and inspecting devices.
  • An ink compatible both with the printhead and with the end use of the printing product.
  • A media optimized for the best quality. Most of the time paper, but other materials are more and more proposed.
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